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The following picture galleries take the form of "thumbnail" collections, with textual comment in part, which allow you to select those images you wish to download individually and view in full screen .

1977 Jubilee Album - a selection of the images showing mainly some of the village properties - interesting to compare with today in some cases

Church House Inn - a historical gallery

Old Harberton Walkabout - a gallery of over 100 images (many old postcards, photographs etc.) of the village dating back 100 or more years

2012 Harberton Photo Competition (during Strawberry Fair)

2011 Harberton Photo Competition (during Strawberry Fair)

2010 Harberton Ladies vs. Harberton Gentlemen Cricket Match 2nd June

2009 Parish Hall floor replacement following flood damage

2008 Harberton Ladies vs. Harberton Gentlemen Cricket Match 10th August

2007 mini flood - Dec 8th 2007, water running into east of Harberton from above Totnes-Kingsbridge road

2007 Flower Festival - Harberton's "Autumn Glory" festival in St Andrew's Church, September 14-17

Playing Field & street parties
  Old Playing Field - The old fort and other old playing field pictures
  1995/1996 extension/levelling of Playing Field
  1991-1998 village events - Nov 5th Bonfires, May Days, VE Day, Pancake Race
  2002 Golden Jubilee - Queen Elizabeth II's Children's Party on the Playing Field and Street Party

2006 Harberton Ladies vs. Harberton Gentlemen Cricket Match 3rd September

2006 A Walk Down Watery Lane - 17th August 2006 during repair work on the green lane, carried out under the 'Life into Landscape' scheme - see www.southdevonaonb.org.uk/our-work/completed-projects/life-into-landscape - a joint initiative led by South Hams District Council with the support of Devon County Council, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

2006 flood relief scheme work

2005 anatomy of a flood - nearly! Nov 6th 2005

2005 Nov 5th Bonfire

1997 onwards - pantomimes

1995/1996 construction of Harberton Parish Hall

1979-1991 Harberton youth - Various play group / youth club images (listing names)

1880-ish Elijah Yeoman photographs - Six pictures taken in and around Harberton in about 1880

Information and pictures from former village residents - mostly from incoming contacts to the website

Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous pictures not yet in their own categories

Take a look at these - Miscellaneous interesting pictures submitted by Harberton residents

Walkabout replacement test gallery (incomplete)

John Palmer's flickr Gallery www.flickr.com/photos/johnp2814/sets/72157628502921667 - An online gallery set up and maintained by Harberton's John Palmer. The flickr page opens with a display of thumbnails. When you've clicked a thumbnail to view a single photo, under 'Actions' you can then 'View all sizes'. On this page you can then choose a particular size of image and download same if you so desire. [Ed. I can't guarantee these instructions will remain the same - things do tend to change periodically on the web.]
The gallery contents vary, with older material regularly being replaced by newer.

Dartington Rural Archive - (coming soon) - Selected Harberton pictures from the DRA

More galleries to follow, including a modern (1989) panorama series from the church tower.

Misc test