Harberton History


This section is a first attempt at presenting some of the available historical material about the village of Harberton in South Devon on the village website in an easily accessible form. Some method may eventually come into the madness!

Here for starters are transcribed entries from
Kelly's Directory of Devonshire 1856
Kelly's Directory of Devonshire 1866
Morris and Co.'s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer 1870
Kelly's Directory of Devonshire 1889
( thanks to those researchers who have previously made this material available elsewhere)

Kelly's Directory 1902 full text (OCR'ed?) https://archive.org/stream/kellysdirectoryo00londuoft/kellysdirectoryo00londuoft_djvu.txt
or view original https://archive.org/details/kellysdirectoryo00londuoft.

Harberton 'Church Ale' 1606
Quote from "The Rise and Fall of Merry England - the ritual year 1400 - 1700" by Ronald Hutton ISBN 0-19-285327-9
"At times figures of authority actively abetted village festivities. . . . . . .The South Devon gentleman Walter Wooton appeared before Star Chamber in 1606, where it was said that he had told the villagers of Harberton that he would get them a Church Ale and Whitsun Lord and Lady again, plus a ‘fool and his horns’.
Church Ales seem to have become more popular in 15th century . . . .there seems to have been a tendency for the Ales to become a regular means of raising Parish funds."
Quote from "Revel, Riot & Rebellion" by David Underdown ISBN 0-19-285193-4
"There were no rates for the poor even in my grandfather’s days; but for Kington St Michael (no small parish) the church ale at Whitsuntide did their business. In every parish is, or was, a church house to which belonged spits, crocks etc,, utensils for dressing provision. Here the housekeepers met, and were merry and gave their charity: the young people came there too, and had dancing, bowling, shooting at butts etc., the ancients sitting gravely by, looking on.
“Such joy and merriment was every holiday” John Aubrey (17th century) and he is echoed by many other admirers of the country feasts."

Village postal history

Henry Wyse Almshouses 1680-196?

Harberton 1887 Jubilee Reminiscences - The Trist Book
Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee on 21st June 1887. Great celebrations organised by Major John Fincher Trist of Tristford took place in Harberton on that day. The Major wrote a book, including an ode which was sent to the Queen, which captures the events of the day and names many of the individuals involved. An original copy of this book was kindly lent to this website.

The Life of Robert Godefroy Harvey - The First Harvey Book
by His Father (1896)