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A collection of images relating to the Church House Inn in Harberton, the earliest dating from around 1900-1910. Many are old postcards that were sold in the village in days gone by. Thanks to various collectors in the village and beyond for lending their valuable pictures and giving permission to display them here. The dating information is thought to be correct, but any corrections are welcomed (Contact us).
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1: Post-1897, church has a clock (installed 1897); note the 'big tree' in the churchyard behind the pub.
2: The village school class appears to be sitting in front of the pub; note the number of chimneys at the front.
3: Village outing, card date on front 14th August 1906 (courtesy Dartington Rural Archive)
4. Same event
5: Post-1948, possibly 1952, the hunt at the pub, note one chimney less and work stains on main and 'prentice' rooves following removal of a chimney after a fire at the pub in 1948.
[The Church House Inn was sold on 5th June 1950 by the church trustees to Iris Bamford.]
6. Mark and Betty Goddard with the hunt in 1953.
7. Mark and Betty Goddard again, celebrating the Coronation of Elizabeth II the same year. To Mark's left is Emma Widger, Phyllis Widger's (centenarian Tom Widger's wife) sister. Emma and her husband Will were stewards at the Constitutional Club.
8. Bar card used by Wilfred & Mary Fry, identical to the one produced a little earlier by Mark & Betty Goddard.
9. 1950s, the chimney removal scars have healed, and the trench repair patterns in the tarmac look the same as on the bar card.
10. Either it's coincidence that the church clock says the same time as 9. or 9. and 10. are essentially the same photo.
11. An E. M. Morison (Totnes) postcard, bearing a 3p stamp, which gives a sending date between Feb 1971 and Sept 1973
12. From the 1977 Jubilee Album, note another change of chimney.
13: For those that know the Church House Inn, this photo is taken from by the double doors. The bar hatch was at the front of the building. The area occupied by the present-day bar was then 3 separate rooms. The 'Square' is behind the wall to the right.
14/15: Photos taken from old bar hatch, looking towards double doors, single front door visible beyond. Wall with leaded light on right is no longer present (two slightly different picture framings).
16. The former Globe Inn, closed in 1952 by Mark & Betty Goddard, which became Marbeth Cottage (and much later Globe House) at the bottom of the village. The sign above the door reads "William H White Retailer of Spirits & Beer to be Consumed on the Premises. Dealer in Tobacco" This property is shown as 'Annexe Cottage' on the bar card at 6. This postcard was posted in 1918 and bears a Harberton postmark.