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The first version of this picture gallery below dates from the early days of this website. The quantity of material now available has however outgrown this method of presentation and a new method is being tried. Click here to see a test of the new presentation.

Much work remains to be done, adding further links, other related pictures, informational text, (local) postmark dating / interesting messages on some of the postcards etc. A timeline and dating information relating to certain buildings and events in Harberton over the last 100 years is available to help you pick out detail in the images. Please Contact us for any suggestions etc.

Take a walk around Harberton following this picture gallery consisting mostly of postcards up to 100 years or so old. This picture gallery has been made possible thanks to the goodwill and generosity of the collectors who are willing to share the hard work represented in their collections with everyone. The originals have been scanned and archived at a high resolution. Most of the images underlying the following thumbnails either will scale automatically to fill the width (or height for portrait format) of your screen, or have a fixed width of 1000 pixels or fixed height of 800 pixels . A fairly low display resolution has been chosen here to give reasonable download times (15 to 25 seconds with a 56K modem) whilst maintaining reasonable definition but with possible slight colour distortion. The low resolution will intentionally not allow a quality printout to be made; quality printouts may be made from the high-resolution originals, by arrangement with the collection owner, who can be contacted through the webref@harbertondevon.co.uk.

This gallery aims to be as complete a collection as possible of the available material. At certain points, therefore, sub-pages containing further similar images (e.g. different postcard issues of the same picture, perhaps with different labelling or framing, or similar photos) are presented. At present, over 80 "different" postcards are known and shown in the following, plus an ever increasing number of photos.

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Tillyland JPG 75K Constitutional Club JPG 69K Pump Cottage JPG 72K
Tillyland / Post Office 1 Constitutional Club Pump Cottage
0060ms03.jpg (90130 bytes) 0070lh41.jpg (77702 bytes) 0080ms05.jpg (62727 bytes)
Tristford Road east (1 of 4) Tristford Road east (4 of 4) Tristford Road west
0090bb02.jpg (85823 bytes) 0100lh43.jpg (55896 bytes)
Virginia Cottage  Vine House School class 1957
af02.jpg (40698 bytes) 0110lh07.jpg (72260 bytes)
Henry Wyse Almshouses Church House Inn (too early to call in now, back later!) Church exteriors (1 of 14)
0250lh29.jpg (86182 bytes) 0380lh51.jpg (82028 bytes) 0390lh48.jpg (74031 bytes)
Church interiors (1 of 16) Church doorway Church palm cross (1 of 2)
0400lh47.jpg (79475 bytes) ford06_tomchterr.jpg (72282 bytes) ford07chterr_bv79.jpg (70033 bytes)
Lych Gate, Ford Ford, Tom Widger, Church Terrace Ford, ? Church Terrace
0420ms27.jpg (83712 bytes) 0440ms08.jpg (77991 bytes) 0450ms13.jpg (83147 bytes)
Ford, hunt, Ford Farm Ford, Ford Farm Post Office Corner
0470ms29.jpg (77398 bytes) ysimmons.jpg (53703 bytes) 0480bb04.jpg (79251 bytes)
Victoria Cottages Simmons Farm (ca.1880?) Old Forge Garage (1 of 4)
0500lh13.jpg (74349 bytes) globeouting1935.jpg (78025 bytes) ms24.jpg (2222235 bytes)
Marbeth Cottage (Globe Inn) Globe Inn outing July 1935 Fore Street (shop)
0570ms28.jpg (60354 bytes) 0530ms10.jpg (81848 bytes)
Reading Room Church House Inn (1 of 7) St Clements Terrace
chapel1973_mg01.jpg (62466 bytes) 0520ms12.jpg (72905 bytes) 0510lh45.jpg (79797 bytes)
Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Wesley Place Wesley Place
0610lh44.jpg (63661 bytes) 0640ms16.jpg (64769 bytes) 0650ms18.jpg (75763 bytes)
Old Vicarage (1 of 3) View (1) to NE View (2) to NW, Globe Inn
0660ms09.jpg (79525 bytes)  
View (3) to N View (13) to NNW  
0670lh42.jpg (73775 bytes) 0680lh26.jpg (84619 bytes) 0690bb17.jpg (83062 bytes)
View (4) to NNW View (5) to NNW View (6) to NNW
0700ms20.jpg (60586 bytes) 0710ms07.jpg (88039 bytes) 0720lh24.jpg (89365 bytes)
View (7) to NNW View (8) to N View (9) to NNW
0730lh25.jpg (80340 bytes) 0740ms21.jpg (81691 bytes) 0750lh28.jpg (76371 bytes)
View (10) to NNW View (11) to WNW View (12) to NW
0760lh17.jpg (78642 bytes) 0770lh18.jpg (85789 bytes) dund03_bb37.jpg (71803 bytes)
Dundridge (1) Dundridge (2) Dundridge (3)
0780jc01.jpg (40834 bytes) 0780lh19.jpg (77527 bytes) 0800lh20.jpg (80132 bytes)
West Lodge, Tristford (1 of 3) Tristford (1) Tristford (2)
0810lh21.jpg (77297 bytes) 0820lh22.jpg (74964 bytes) 0830lh23.jpg (80314 bytes)
Tristford (3) Tristford (4) Tristford (5)
0840ms26.jpg (76545 bytes) y_el_1997460374.jpg (60050 bytes)
Tristford (6) Tristford Clock East Lodge, Tristford
0850bb07.jpg (89503 bytes) y_lbc_199746665.jpg (58090 bytes) y_lb2_199746664.jpg (58939 bytes)
East Lodge, Tristford Leigh Bridge Leigh Bridge
0920bb35.jpg (77569 bytes) 0860lh49.jpg (50479 bytes) 0870lh50.jpg (76328 bytes)
Sandwell Manor Luscombe Cross (1) Luscombe Cross (2)
0880bb19.jpg (82142 bytes)    
Harberton, 1960s(?)