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Thanks to the Patrick family for the images on this page. They ran youth activities for many years in Harberton prior to the closure of the old Conservative Club with its upstairs hall in the early 1990s.
These days you'd need to get permission from all the parents before publishing such images on a website, but as these 'youngsters' are now all grown up I somehow doubt if anyone would mind. If anyone does however object to their image appearing below, do please contact us and we will gladly 'pixelate' you!
Any updates on missing names, or other corrections, also gratefully received.

Click a thumbnail to open a large image in a new window, which you can then relate to the names below (essentially listed top to bottom, left to right):

Harbertonford Playschool Christmas Party 1979
Top: Ruth Damerell, Thomas Patrick, Pepper Barnstable, Christopher Edwards, Joanna Grimshaw, Dean Veale, Claire Wakeham. Middle: Robert Payne, Suzanne Potter, Thomas Coles, Nathan Finch, ??, Andrew Hoddinott. Bottom: Briony Saffry, David Pleydell, Katie Courtier, Colin Ayres, Paul O' Brian, Ben Whitehead, Esme Groom, Katie Adams, Anne Miller, Jack Rainbird
  Sandwell Camp
During the 1980s John and Jean Hockings let Harberton Youth Club camp on the lawns at Sandwell for a week. These images actually date from 1991.
Sandwell Camp 1991
Top: Dennis Abraham (worked with Peter Patrick), Nicholas Oldfield, Bryan Stubbings (adult), ??, Kate Miller. Middle: David Patrick, Scott ?, Andrew Hoddinott, Steven Hockings. Front: Thomas Patrick, Jonathan Morris
Sandwell Camp 1991
Daniel Patrick, Andrew Hoddinott, Tom Williams, Katie Bowden
Sandwell Camp 1991
David Patrick, James Bowden, Melissa & Saffron Beagley
Stoke Gabriel Mud Fight 14th August 1991
Dawn Gaskin, Sarah Hoddinott, Catherine Harris, Mark Tomlin, Andrew Hoddinott, Eve-Marie Arnold, Peter Patrick (Youth Club leader), Lucy Wright, Melissa Beagley, Mike Harris (Youth Club helper), Paul Tomlin, Saffron Beagley, David Patrick