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Building-Related Dates

1550 "Symonds Farmhouse" (now "Harberton House") built
1688 Dated sundial on Preston Farm chimney
1688 Plaque on outside of south parapet of Yeo Bridge by Sandwell Lodge states "New built at the Counteys Charges 1688 John Symons Gent John Richards Treasurer" [John Symons presumably resided at "Symons' Farm", later "Symonds Farm", now "Harberton House".]
1751 "School House" built

1764 "Vine House" built

ca.1840 Barn converted into Ebenezer Wesley Chapel (now "Wesley House")

  Tristford House built

1856 Tristford Eastern Lodge built

1858 Tristford clock bears marking 'Wynne Pendarves 1858'

1880 Elijah Yeoman (photographer) married Honor Varder in Harberton

1893 "Lauraleigh" and "Leighbridge Cottage" built at Leigh Bridge

1897 Church gains clock

1900 Lanoria Cottages built by Robert Harvey

1901 Victoria Cottages (?and 4/5 St Andrews Cottages) built by Robert Harvey

1904 St Clements Terrace built by Robert Harvey, replacing "Fleas Alley"

1904 Town Farm 1&2 built by Robert Harvey

1910 Robert Harvey donated a peal of 14 bells for the central tower at Buckfast Abbey

1920 1 Tristford Road (thatched) burned down (Hettie: "playing with matches"), rebuilt 2-storey, slated

1923 New Constitutional Club built by Robert Harvey

1930 Robert Harvey died

1946/7 Large beech tree beside lower church path fell down

1948 Fire at Church House Inn, 2nd chimney removed soon after? (still there in 1952 photo in pub)

1950 5th June, Church House Inn sold by trustees (church) to Iris Bamford (previous landlord Parnell)

1952 Mark Goddard closed Globe Inn (became Marbeth Cottage), put manager in Church House Inn

1952 Pendarves built (visible in aeriel photo dated 23/6/1952, new vicarage not visible)

1953 Will Fry at Church House Inn

ca.1953/4 New vicarage built (Basil J W Pedley vicar from 1954, first occupant)

mid 1950s Old Forge Garage opened, previously country hotel

1960~ Symonds Farm stopped farming (Mugford last farmer)

1960s? Mill Cross built - "Woolaway" house?

1962/4 school shut/converted (two other School Orchard bungalows built soon after)

1963/4? Henry Wyse (he of Wyse Englebourne) 5 up / 5 down almshouses demolished behind Church House Inn

1964 two School Orchard bungalows built (after closure of school)

1964 "Higher Orchard" built (first bungalow below Playing Field; second 'new' bungalow down built little later, 1973?))

ca. 1966 "Town Farm Orchard" built (second bungalow below Playing Field)

1970s early: "Grey Weathers" (now "Briar House") built

1971 petrol star rating introduced (re Old Forge Garage photos)

1972 Fore Street shop closed

1972 Church Terrace demolished

1973 "Colt House" (now "Lychgate House") built near Church Terrace site

1973 Ebenezer Wesley Chapel converted into residence "Wesley House"

1974? Wyse House built on site of Henry Wyse almshouses

1976 (from ~1970) "Symonds Farmhouse" (now "Harberton House") owned by Griffiths

1977 Garden Terrace (3 doors) / shop + four Fore St cottages still present

>1977 ??ditto all demolished, Church Court built ??

1977 Old Forge Service Station ceased operation

>1977 "Sunnyside" built between "Harbourne House" and "Church Cottage" opposite pub

1978 Oak tree planted for the Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee (1977), beside top car park above Harberton Parish Hall

1987 Meadow Close built

1995 "The Old Orchard" (Simmons Farm yard) built

1995/1996 Harberton Parish Hall built

199? Simmons Barns converted

199? "Ashbrook Cottage"/"Orchard End" built (Town Farm), Upper Barn / Town Farm Barn converted?

2003 Nos. 1-4 Pendarves "officially" demolished Weds 3rd to Fri 5th September, following outbreak of concrete cancer (and occupation by squatters), prior to redevelopment

2022 November Water pressure reducing valve equipment fitted in alpaca / 'Pound Barn' field, adjacent Tristford Farm rear drive entrance corner


Victoria to 1902

Edward VII - 1901 to 1910

George V - 1910 to 1936

Edward VIII - 1936

George VI - 1936 to 1952

Elizabeth II - 1952