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St Andrews Church - Exteriors

Walking past the eastern end of the almshouses and the pub (don't worry, we'll be back there later), we see St Andrews Church on our left.
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ch_ext13_1842bw_bb40.jpg (75660 bytes)

The earliest picture currently available to us dates from ca. 1842 and was produced by William Spreat who had a lithographic establishment in Exeter. Both coloured and black & white prints are known.

ch_ext13_1842col_bb39.jpg (73470 bytes)

ch_ext01_lh12.jpg (73374 bytes) The only known postcard of St Andrews Church, Harberton without a clock, which was fitted in 1897. The postcard is dated according to Frith listings as being photographed in 1892. (9/12)
ch_ext02_bb25.jpg (51714 bytes) ch_ext03_bb21.jpg (76083 bytes) These four postcards are all basically the same Gay's image, but of four different issues, as can be seen from the position and style of the "Harberton" label. The bottom right of the four is an oddity because the reverse of the card is "upside down".
ch_ext04_lh08.jpg (73876 bytes) ch_ext15_jc02.jpg (76594 bytes)
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