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Tristford Clock, Harberton

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The words on the left-hand dial read "Wynne Pendarves 1858", presumably the date the clock was installed by the then owner of Tristford. Or was it? Was the clock originally built in 1858 and moved to its present location at a later date?

In 1897 a clock was donated to St. Andrews church in Harberton by Sir Robert Harvey, owner of Dundridge on the opposite side of the valley to Tristford. He and the Trist family apparently did not see eye to eye, so the church clock only had two faces, south and west, and no north face, i.e. towards Tristford. Some say this action was deliberate and may (or may not) be the origin of the saying "He wouldn't give him the time of day".

Popular myth has it that the Trists then set up their own clock at Tristford in retaliation, but the date on the clock casts some doubt on this.

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