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A very warm welcome to the Harberton Village Website, and to the village. We hope you may find some of the following information of use and/or interest. The following is essentially a list of links to pertinent existing pages on the site, and several links to external sites (which will open in a new window), plus a few extra notes on subjects not covered elsewhere. If you feel there's anything missing below, do please let us know: Contact us

Bed & Breakfast - Holiday accommodation
Bus times
Businesses - Harberton-based businesses
Church - Services for St Andrew's Church Harberton and the other churches in the Three Rivers Mission Community are listed in the printed Parish Magazine and can now be downloaded as a PDF file from the Diptford village website at www.diptford.org.uk/facilities/church.htm.
Church House Inn - The village pub
Coal deliveries - Fortnightly free delivery service
Conservation area - Planning and tree work implications
Email circulation - Confidential circulation for news, events, wanted, for sale etc. covering the Harberton side of the parish (=Harberton electoral roll area)
Estate agents - Totnes agents dealing with Harberton area
Oil deliveries - Discounted group delivery scheme
Parish Council - The Harberton Parish Council area includes Harbertonford
Harberton Parish Hall - Harberton's village hall
Parish Magazine
Playing Field - Play equipment and sports field
Refuse/recycling arrangements
Self-catering - Holiday accommodation
South Hams District Council
  (District councillor ~ Avon and Harbourne ward)
  Planning applications
Village diary
Website coverage area

Defibrillator - Harberton's defibrillator (live and fully operational since November 2017) is located in the old phone box beside the bus shelter. Full instructions are enclosed in the defibrillator cabinet in case it is needed.
If you have any queries please contact the parish clerk via www.harbertonparishcouncil.org, phone 08455 578469 or email clerk@harbertonparishcouncil.org.

Harbertonford Pre-School (about 2 miles)
Harbertonford Primary School (ditto)
Dartington C of E Primary School and Nursery (about 3 miles)
Diptford C of E Primary School and Pre-School (about 4 miles)
King Edward VI Community College, Totnes (about 3 miles)

Enter the main site for much more about Harberton, including a fascinating collection of old pictures.

Regular Harberton clubs and activities:
Badminton - Play at the Parish Hall
Cricket Club - Mens' team playing friendlies and junior teams playing league and friendly fixtures
Harberton Navy - Morris dancing; no website at present; contact us for contact details
Optimistic golfers - Ask at the Church House Inn
Short mat bowls - Thursdays at the Parish Hall




The few allotments that exist in Harberton are owned by a local estate and managed by Michelmore Hughes in Totnes, tel. 01803 865116 (at the last check, the person dealing with this there was a Louise Wellington.) There is probably a waiting list.


Coal deliveries

A J Gibbons from Bovey Tracey (same company as ran the coalyard by the station in Totnes until summer 2006) operates a fortnightly, free delivery service to Harberton, with no minimum order quantity. The delivery dates usually coincide with Grey Bin collection dates in most of the Harberton area (see Refuse/recycling). They also pass through Harberton on other days (Mon/Tues) and would provide free delivery for 5 pre-packed 25kg sacks or 2 open loose sacks (50kg) on those days. (We're also told that they sift out coal dust from loose deliveries.) Any other deliveries would attract a delivery charge. Their contact number is 01626 834449. (Delivery conditions may change.)


Conservation area

The old centre of Harberton is a designated Conservation Area. This has various implications concerning planning matters, work on trees etc. within this area. The boundary of this area, illustrated in red below, can also be seen along (with various other information) at different zoom levels by using South Hams District Council's interactive mapping service at:
According to information supplied, the conservation area was registered in 1976 (26th October) and was subsequently extended on 03/10/1985 and further extended on 03/09/1992.
More information on Conservation Areas can be found at
www.southhams.gov.uk/article/3586/Conservation-Areas and