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Harberton Village Events Diary 2017

Friday 27th April 2018 8pm - Gigspanner Big Band Concert - Harberton Parish Hall
Sold out
Following their sell-out concert in Harberton for the Cricket Club in 2016, Harberton Folk is delighted to be presenting a return visit and one of the few concerts that the Gigspanner Big Band will be performing together in 2018: a very special event featuring the Gigspanner trio of Peter Knight, guitarist Roger Flack and percussionist Sacha Trochet, augmented by Philip Henry and Hannah Martin. This is a rare occasion where these two sets of dazzling performers get together and you can guarantee an evening of supreme musical excellence. Doors / licensed bar open 7.15pm. Tickets 18. Full details www.harbertonfolk.co.uk/gbb180427.htm. We will be arranging an early evening pre-concert dining option at Harberton's Church House Inn a short walk from the Hall in due course.

Sunday 6th May 2018 7pm - Quiz Night - Church House Inn
Proceeds go towards Harberton & Harbertonford Community Land Trust Conservation Project and Harberton Church Restoration Fund.

Saturday 19th May 2018 - Pop-up Craft Fair - Harberton Parish Hall

Friday 25th May 2018 - Cellist Orlando Jopling plays Bach - St Andrew's Church, Harberton

Saturday 16th June 2018 - Strawberry Fair
details to follow

Regular Events

Regular Coffee Mornings
Regular coffee mornings take place, usually approximately once per month, mostly in aid of St Andrew's Church Fabric Fund, at different houses in Harberton. These are advertised in the printed Parish News and in the Harberton Village Email Circulation.