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Tally Ho 164 Service

Runs between Totnes and Kingsbridge Monday to Saturday, calling at Harberton. No Sunday service.
from 15th August 2011)

Tally Ho's Kingsbridge telephone number is 01548 853081. Tally Ho can also be found at www.tallyhocoaches.com.

Harberton Community Bus Services

Following an amalgamation between the former Harbourne Shuttle and Totnes' Bob The Bus, the services detailed below currently include Harberton. This timetable can also be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking here.

BOB 1&2 H Service to & from Totnes     

from 28 April 2015 Tuesdays and Thursdays only (Bank holidays excepted)


To Totnes

                                                                   Tuesdays                  Thursdays                   

Harbertonford Church             09.10        13.10        09.30        13.15


Harberton Bus Stop                 09.15        13.00        09.35        13.10


Totnes Rotherfold                   09.25        13.25        09.45           -


Totnes Lamb/Heathway           09.40        13.40            -           13.25


Coronation Rd (opp TIC)          09.45        13.45                        13.30


Totnes Leatside surgery          09.55        13.55                        13.40


Train Station (Forecourt)         10.10        14.10                        13.55


To Harberton and Harbertonford

                                                          Tuesdays        Thursdays


Totnes Coronation Road (opp TIC)                12.45            13.00

via Totnes High Street (Market Square)                                 

Harberton Bus Stop                                       13.00            13.10


Harbertonford Church Bus Stop                    13.10            13.15


Services after 09.30 eligible for Concessionary Fares.

Bob the Bus is operated by Totnes and Rural Community Bus Association. Registered Charity No 1111971

To hire a bus or enquire about services call 07800745332 or email bobthebushire@yahoo.co.uk.

Website: www.bobthebus.org.uk