Harberton Village Email Circulation


The Harberton Village Email Circulation continues to grow steadily in parallel with the website. In principle it covers the same area as the website (website coverage area), but can include interested parties beyond that area by request. Approximately half of the 300+ households are now covered by the circulation. Anyone in the website area (and beyond) can join the circulation. We even have a couple of recipients in Australia!

Since the end of November 2013 the Circulation has been run using the MailChimp system which allows you to subscribe / unsubscribe automatically.
Please use the following form to Subscribe. After completing the form initially, you will be asked to complete the subscription process by clicking a link in an email MailChimp will send you. It's as simple as that.

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The MailChimp system ensures total confidentiality of all email addresses. Your email address will never be revealed unless you specifically include it in your message for circulation, or agree to it being included.

The aim of the Circulation is to offer a means of immediate local communication for practically any purpose.
It is totally confidential; I never reveal email addresses unless specifically requested or someone gives me permission to. The email circulars are very much specific to the village and contain personal small ads (e.g. for sale, wanted, nothing 'large-scale' commercial), lost & found, public notices, occasional events, anything particular happening at the pub, church matters, occasional nature notes... all that sort of thing. They are also irregular - there might be 3 in a week, then nothing for a week.
Coverage of the email circulation is about 50% of households on the Harberton side of the parish (out of a total of just over 300).
Some of the items we've managed to find new homes for over the years include a rabbit hutch, pieces of worktop, various pieces of furniture, a rubber plant, 5-bar gate, concrete reinforcing mesh... to name but a few, and located various requested items for people .