Website Coverage Area & History


Sincere thanks to the many individuals (and organisations), too numerous to mention individually, who have contributed so generously to this website in so many ways.

Website Coverage Area

This is defined (arbitrarily) as the Harberton side of the parish = Harberton electoral roll area (above the orange line and inside the blue line in the following image), which is also the area of coverage of the Harberton Email Circulation.

Website History

The Harberton Village Website can be thought of having come into being originally on 8th July 2000 when the domain name was first registered. The first few pages on the site appeared as advertising for fundraising folk concerts being run in Harberton Parish Hall and other activities at the Hall.
The more memorable and handy name was registered and used from 10th December 2000.

Archived Website Versions

Amazingly, (parts of) some old versions of the village website dating back to between 2001 are available at:*/

Hit Counter Information

Due to various circumstances, some or all hit counters used on the site have been automatically reset without prior notice on several occasions. The last such occasion was 10 April 2006. The main counter on the Welcome page reached about 8200 between 9/5/03 and 27/4/05. This main hit counter reached over 6000 between 15/4/05 and 10/4/06.
As at 1 April 2012 the hit counter had just passed 55,000 (whatever that might mean!).