Harberton 1887 Jubilee Reminiscences

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Cover of John Fincher Trist's bookMajor John Fincher TristQueen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee on 21st June 1887. Great celebrations organised by Major John Fincher Trist of Tristford took place in Harberton on that day. The Major wrote a book, including an ode which was sent to the Queen, which captures the events of the day and names many of the individuals involved. An original copy of this book was kindly lent to this website.

The full text has been captured by OCR and can be viewed by clicking here.

Bear in mind that the book has about 65 pages in total.


Title page of Trist's bookFirst page of Trist's bookA high-resolution graphical scan has also been taken and can be supplied by special arrangement upon request (Contact Us). The original book is about 5 by 7 inches in size. 

The intention is to make available a thumbnailed low-resolution graphical version of the original on this website in due course.


An online (scanned) version of a copy of the above original book can also be found here:

"The Language of Flowers, in Verse, and Other Poems" by Major Fincher Trist, 1885