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In the autumn of 1996, some 250 trees were planted in several areas on Harberton Playing Field. This planting was a requirement of planning conditions associated with the building of the new Parish Hall in Harberton. To help finance the planting and bring about an awareness of the benefits afforded us by trees, Harberton Playing Field Association organised a tree sponsorship scheme. People were invited to give 1.50 to cover the cost of a tree, including stake, guard and maintenance costs for several years.

This scheme raised over 300, thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the following contributors:

Lou Luesley; Jennifer Ruth Wood; Elisabeth Ruby Luesley; Catherine Brigid Luesley
Brian Drewe
Chrissie, Simon, Alexander, Sophie, Genevieve and James Gallyer
Findlay family
Ann and Mike Barclay
Sheila and Gordon Ruwald
Lester family
Ralph and Madeline Staniland
Pat Mills
David and Mary White
Judy Cummings
Betty Baldwin (in memory of Leonard Baldwin)
Paul and Barbara Anning
Sue Hannaford Hill
Lesley Bracher
Sheila Edwards
Elizabeth and Martin Fearn
Martin Wade
Nicola, Ben, Maureen and Raymond Howard
Sylvia and Colin Lund
Nicholas James Trott; Alexander Jonathan Trott
Flip Williams; Phil Sheardown
John, Jan and Matthew Culf
Frankland family
Nevil and Pat Pedrick (in memory of Mr and Mrs R S Wood)
Mike and Janet Griffiths (in memory of Mr and Mrs E C Cornwell)
John and Annie Maddox
Richard and Jackie Pleydell
Sarah J Cleave; Alexander Cleave; Hannah E Cleave; Emily K Cleave
Tom and Sophie Calder
Arthur and Miriam Lethbridge
Alison and Paul Langton
Derek and Evelyn Brown
Dick and Jenny Thomas
David and Jenny Wright

Paul Witchell - Dartmouth
Sally Carpanini - Staverton
Fred, Peggy and Ian Willis - Wimborne
Miss A A Rogers (in memory of Ronald and Olive Rogers) - Bridgetown, Totnes
Pat, Colin and Damien Honey - Guildford
Rachel and Edward Leigh-Wood - London SW1 (attending a wedding)