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Technical information - Harberton Parish Hall


The main hall is about 10.25 x 16.65 metres and contains a full-height badminton court with approved badminton quality lighting. Low-level wall-mounted spotlights, 5 along each side and 2 at the far end, offer an alternative form of lighting for a more intimate atmosphere, helping to lose the high roof. Large areas of curtaining, soft wall blocks and acoustic roof insulation ensure generally good acoustics for amplified and non-amplified performances.

Harberton Parish Hall has a quantity of stage lighting and a dimmer board available for hire, but (as yet) no sound equipment of its own.
The licensed seating capacity is 180 in the main hall plus a few on the balcony; 200 persons maximum in total in the building.
There are plenty of 13A power sockets around the main hall at near floor height.

Concert performances usually take place end-on or side-on in the hall. The end-on configuration allows a maximum capacity audience, avoiding possible sight line problems caused by equipment.

The modular staging system is hired separately from Harberton Parish Hall and essentially comprises three-foot square units, which can be constructed 9, 18 or 27 inches high, and the units bolted together to form a secure whole. Stage construction can take 30-60 minutes depending on size and available manpower.

Side-on stage/seating configuration

The photographs below (taken 3 April 2005, concert by 4-piece 'Dr Faustus' with support from local duo Simon Barron and Rosalind Brady) illustrate the side-on configuration, using about 140 seats and a 27" high stage 9' deep x 15' wide. The seating configuration was restricted in this instance by sight line considerations concerning the stand-mounted loudspeakers. The sound desk was at back centre of the audience and a long multicore was taken around the wall at floor level at the far end of the hall. The lighting was driven separately from the balcony.
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Stage 15' wide, side on Stage 9' deep, side on Bar / merch area, balcony 140 seats, side-on
View from balcony Back corner view, duo ditto, 4-piece on stage Side on, no low-levels

End-on stage/seating configuration

A typical end-on seating/stage configuration for the maximum licensed seating capacity (180+balcony): 7 seats either side of a central aisle, 14 rows stage right (less a couple of seats round the sound desk), 12 rows stage left to leave bar space at the back, a few seats on the balcony.

Stage 15' wide, 9' deep, end on Bar / merch area at rear left, balcony above

Or... in the round