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Still relevant parts of the most recent emailed circulars are reproduced below, along with a developing Draft of the next, but check out the Diary for full listings.
Circulars dated:   23/4/20   19/3/20

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Recent Circulars




Harberton Folk Circular - ???day ?? April 2020

Part One below - A full listing for the coming month
Part Two - Other stuff
The full open-ended Southern Devon Folk Diary listings appear as always on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk.

***** Part One *****


***** Part Two - Other Stuff *****


All information is given in good faith but no responsibility can be accepted for its accuracy. Do check with the organiser before setting out on a long journey. A listing here does not guarantee that tickets are still available.
Changing your email address?
Should you need to change your email address for receiving these circulars, please use the 'Update subscription preferences' link at the foot of this email to update your details. There is also an 'Unsubscribe' link.

John Culf
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Harberton Folk Circular - Thursday 23 April 2020

Hello everyone

Happy St George's Day to you all! One small thing to celebrate at least.

In the present situation it is impossible to maintain meaningful event information in the Diary on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk so I have removed all listings until such time as things improve and live events can resume. Some venues, clubs, agents etc. are rescheduling or attempting to reschedule events, but I won't list anything for the time being.

Difficult times too for all the wonderful performers! Some are streaming live shows from their living rooms, with online tip boxes or other payment facilities set up. Some are using an online subscription content service such as Patreon to get their music out there and generate some income. Check out what your favourite performers, clubs etc. are doing - on their websites, Facebook pages, Youtube etc.

One interesting site you may like to take a look at (and join their emailing list) is www.artsreach.co.uk. Artsreach is Dorset's rural touring organisation, the equivalent of Villages in Action / Carn to Cove in Devon / Cornwall. Their 'Digital Diary' is well worth looking at. Here are just a couple of examples of the listings there (which include the relevant links):

1) National Theatre's Treasure Island - The National Theatre have launched NT at Home, where a selection of much-loved shows will be streamed for free on YouTube every week. This week's show is Treasure Island, a thrilling stage version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure of mutiny, money and murder. Suitable for ages 10+ and available to watch until 23 April (sorry for late notice).
2) Show of Hands at the Minack - SoH direct email recipients will already have seen the following notice:
"We were racking our brains on how to bring you a Show of Hands gig when so much has been cancelled and postponed... and we remembered we had this amazing footage of the 2017 gig! The full evening from the stunning Minack Theatre in Cornwall will be shown on YouTube and Facebook at 7.30pm on Friday 24th April."
3) Ninebarrow Live Concert: Sunday 2 May - Award-winning folk duo Ninebarrow have toured three times with Artsreach, and been involved in various projects too. Now Jon and Jay are hosting live online concerts so you can enjoy their music. They're going to be treating these like a normal gig - so there'll even be an interval where you can stretch your legs and top up your glass! Watch Ninebarrow in concert here on 2 May, 7pm."

Stay safe and keep well.

John Culf
Changing your email address?
Should you need to change your email address for receiving these circulars, please use the 'Update subscription preferences' link at the foot of this email to update your details. There is also an 'Unsubscribe' link.



Harberton Folk Circular - Thursday 19 March 2020

In the present situation, the great majority of live events at most venues (including all the major arts centres in our area) have been (or are being) cancelled or postponed. Many venues (already including some pubs) are also closed completely until further notice. Many festivals are likely to be cancelled. Many regular clubs and sessions have been put on hold until further notice.

It is therefore impossible for me to maintain accurate and meaningful listings in the Diary on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk so I can only suggest that you check on venue websites etc. initially for further information.

In many cases, venues will be contacting ticket purchasers, so give them time. Some are suggesting that you may wish to donate your ticket payment rather than requesting refunds as this would help the venues in difficult financial circumstances.

Difficult times ahead too for all the wonderful performers!

Just one news item today - Miranda Sykes:
As recipients of Show of Hands' emails will already know, Miranda Sykes announced last week on her Facebook page that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. You can read what Miranda said on 12 March at www.facebook.com/mirandasykesmusic. You can also find details there of a one-hour live concert Miranda plans to stream on Facebook from her living room at home this Saturday 21 March at 7.30pm, Wilfie permitting!
We send our very best wishes to Miranda.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Changing your email address?
Should you need to change your email address for receiving these circulars, please use the 'Update subscription preferences' link at the foot of this email to update your details. There is also an 'Unsubscribe' link.

John Culf
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General items retained from previous circulars

Cecil Sharp's People.org.uk
A one-stop website for all the singers, musicians and dancers who met Cecil Sharp, as he travelled around England collecting folk music and dance between 1903-23. You can read about their lives. Over 650 individuals in hundreds of locations. They were working people – agricultural labourers, glovers, laundresses, sailors, shoemakers etc. Their stories should be told! https://cecilsharpspeople.org.uk.

The Mike Harding Folk Show
The former BBC folk show host presented a weekly show of his own online from 30 December 2012 to 22 October 2017 (over 250 programmes), and since then has presented further roughly monthly shows which still continue. All 270+ shows are available as podcasts at www.mikehardingfolkshow.com.

Folk news slightly further afield:
North Devon/West Somerset music listings
Website listings of regular and special music events for the next couple of months for this area can be found at www.shammickacoustic.org.uk (then click on 'Local Events').
Always a great programme of guests at Tom & Barbara Brown's 'Shammick Acoustic' in Combe Martin (N Devon), they have a special day on Sat 14th December when harmony quartet Narthen - Jim Causley, Barry Coope, Fi Fraser & Jo Freya - are doing an afternoon workshop on Traditional Carols and then the evening concert. Jim Causley has recently taken over from Lester Simpson in the quartet after Lester decided to hang up his touring shoes to concentrate on local choral work.
Somerset & Dorset (SaDFolk) folk events - Regular email updates
A regular and comprehensive emailed listing is available through www.sadfolk.co.uk (Somerset and Dorset folk, Steve Cunio) for folk events in venues large and small in those two counties, some of which are not too far away from the Harberton Folk area.
SaDFolk always includes full details of upcoming events, workshops and courses at Halsway Manor in Somerset which is owned by the Halsway Manor Society who operate the manor as a national centre for the folk arts, the only residential folk centre in the UK.
Folk in Cornwall
What it says on the tin - www.folkincornwall.co.uk - clubs, sessions, events...
Acoustic Calendar - Sign up for email updates at www.sanchobramble.weebly.com
Tony Watts' monthly calendar of folk clubs, singarounds, acoustic sessions & open mics in the South West. "The Acoustic Calendar is all about DIY music (NOT concerts, gigs, ceilidhs etc). The purpose of the Calendar is to keep you informed of all the places where you can take your voice and/or instrument and join in or do your own thing."
...and not forgetting www.flaxey-green.co.uk (and www.devonfolk.co.uk) for further detailed county-wide Devon listings, including many regular pub sessions,  folk dance clubs and much more.

A quick note on what gets listed below (and in the Diary on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk):
The listings are of course primarily intended for 'folk' events; they will occasionally include Americana, blues and other genres, particularly if the event organisers have taken the trouble to send me material. Be assured though, they will never include tribute bands! (excellent though many of these are) These e-circulars usually cover the full Diary for the coming 4 to 5 weeks, while the website Diary is completely open-ended.

Frequency of these emails
I used to try to get these emails out once a week, but now they seem to be every 10-14 days. Perhaps that's not a bad thing - reducing the information overload - but it does mean that contributors need to give me as much notice as possible to hopefully ensure that their items can be included in good time. JC

Changing your subscription details:
If you change your email, or decide that you don't want to get these messages any longer, please scroll right to the bottom of any Harberton Folk e-circular where you will find links to the Mailchimp system which will enable you to make the appropriate changes.
[this exact wording borrowed from a recent SaDFolk email (Somerset and Dorset Folk) - see Part Two below]

Important Admin note: Email delivery problems

I've had problems sending the previous two circulars to 190+ addresses (mainly BTInternet, BTOpenworld, Yahoo, Sky, AOL, plus a few others, all of which use the Yahoo email platform). The circulars have been soft-bounced, i.e. rejected, on both recent occasion by most of those addresses "for policy reasons".
When the same address soft-bounces several circulars in succession, MailChimp (the system I use to send circulars) eventually hard-bounces that address, i.e. permanently removes it from the circulation and I, as Admin, cannot then reinstate that address, although the person in question can re-subscribe themself.
This has happened a couple of times over the last 12 months and I have no real idea why it happens, so it's very difficult trying to do anything about it. But this present circular is a trial inasmuch as it employs simpler formatting with less complex underlying code in the hope this may increase the acceptance rate.

In the interim I have been communicating directly with the 190+ about this problem and I would like to thank the large number of them who very helpfully responded to my last communication when I sent a copy of the latest missing circular as a PDF file attachment, apparently successfully, whereas an attempt to simply forward a copy of the original circular to a test group of 10 addresses failed.

Several people also mentioned that they had an alternative email address which could be used for receiving the circulars - and I would ask anyone in this position to please use the 'update subscription preferences' link at the very foot of any circular to update their email address in the MailChimp data base accordingly. Should you no longer be able to access any original circular, I can update your email address for you on request (but it's best if you do it yourself if possible).
If you change to a Gmail address, please note that my circulars may arrive in your Promotions inbox folder.

It remains to be seen whether the 190+ will actually receive this circular.

[version sent on 8/6/18 to remainder of 270 contacts 'cleaned' by MailChimp, inviting re-subscription]
Once again this copy of yesterday's Harberton Folk email circular is being sent directly from my laptop (not via MailChimp, nor in MailChimp format this time) to those mostly btinternet / btopenworld / yahoo / aol / sky email addresses who were removed a while back from Harberton Folk's MailChimp database due to unknown circumstances and have not yet re-subscribed.
If you wish to continue receiving the regular circulars, please re-subscribe by going to www.harbertonfolk.co.uk where you’ll find a link to a short form to complete – and you’ll be back on the list.
Or simply reply to this email and ask me to re-subscribe you.
You can view Harberton Folk's GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy on the website.
Note that the e-circulars are now being sent from hfolk@johnculf.co.uk.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
At some point in the not too distant future I will no longer be able to continue sending these separate copies to you.
Best wishes
John Culf

[version sent to NON-GDPR segment on 8/6/18]
GDPR - Still time to update your preferences to continue receiving Harberton Folk Circulars - Please act now
The new GDPR data protection law came into force on May 25th.
I'm still hoping some more of the people who have not yet UPDATED THEIR PREFERENCES appropriately (see the link at the very foot of this circular) will do so to enable me to continue sending them the circulars. You will also find an 'unsubscribe' link there, should you need it.
The full list of 1350+ contacts is now effectively split into two parts, one containing the 955 contacts who have already updated, the other (to which this customised version of yesterday's circular is being sent) containing the remainder.
Alternatively, you can simply reply to this email and I can do the updates for you, if you tell me that is your wish.
New contacts can subscribe to the circulation at any time via a link provided on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk.
Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation. John Culf

[version sent to GDPR CONSENT segment on 7/6/18]
Firstly, my thanks to the 955 contacts who have (thus far) confirmed their consent to continue receiving Harberton Folk emails. My list is now effectively divided into two parts, i.e. those who have, and those who have not (yet), re-confirmed. I'm now able to send separately to the two groups and will be sending further GDPR reminders (with the circular) to the latter group, and can assure everyone receiving this version of today's that this is the last time I will mention GDPR! Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation. John Culf

Harberton Folk Circular - Friday 25 May 2018
If you would like to continue receiving Harberton Folk email circulars...
...you must confirm your consent to do so - or your contact details will soon be removed from the circulation
I know many of you will be fed up of receiving emails about
GDPR - but today May 25th is the day the new law comes into force.
To date, barely half of my 1300+ contacts have signed up for continued circulars and I am sure there are many more who wish to remain on the list but just haven't got round to taking the appropriate action yet.
Even if you don't read any more of this circular, jump to the "Update subscription preferences" link at the very foot of this email which will offer you a very short simple form to complete - your existing details will already be there (with asterisks blanking most of your email address for security) - just tick both the vacant boxes and click 'Update Profile'. You can enter a completely different email address if you wish. (You could even 'Unsubscribe'!)
I intend to send several further reminders about this in the coming days because I really want to lose as few contacts as possible from the list.

Harberton Folk Circular - Tuesday 15 May 2018
Sorry it's been so long since the last circular. GDPR stuff has been taking up a lot of my spare time, but I think I'm almost there now.
GDPR Update - My Next Email will Require Action on Your Part
My next email (hopefully tomorrow) will be particularly important as it will hopefully ensure that the Harberton Folk email circulation is operating in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force with effect from 25 May 2018.
You must take action as indicated in that next email (or any subsequent reminders) if you wish to continue receiving the e-circulars, i.e. re-confirm your consent to receive Harberton Folk e-circulars.
If you do not, we will unfortunately be obliged to remove your name and email address from the circulation.
Sorry to sound rather 'technical' or officious, but this IS REALLY IMPORTANT and we don't want to lose you!
Please also note that a few changes are also being made at the same time in the hope of reducing the likelihood of these circulars being regarded as spam/junk by some email systems/providers. For example, the sending address will in future appear as hfolk@johnculf.co.uk (in case you need to 'whitelist' this address or otherwise approve it for receiving Harberton Folk e-circulars.

Update on the New Data Protection Law (GDPR)
My thanks to the significant number of people who have sent comments and offered advice on this subject, following my piece last week. I'm beginning to get a good idea of what I need to do to keep the Harberton Folk email circulation 'legal' and will share this with you soon. It will require simple action on your part to enable you to continue receiving the e-circulars.

New Data Protection Law
Some of you may have heard recent mention of a new (EU) data protection law coming into effect on May 25th; some may have even heard its name: General Data Protection Regulation 'GDPR'. I am still struggling to understand the possible  implications of this for my Harberton Folk email circulars and the MailChimp data base containing your details which underpins the circulars, and what I may have to do - and ask you to do - to ensure compliance with the new law and thereby allow you to continue receiving these circulars. Watch this space! JC

Flaxey Green Website - www.flaxey-green.co.uk
This excellent Devon website contains a wealth of folk-related information in addition to an events diary, such as comprehensive listings for folk dance clubs, pub sessions, bands, solo artists, callers, musicians wanted/available, morris sides, a For Sale section (currently including a couple of melodeons, a Peavey KB3 amplifier and other sound equipment.

Reminder for Gmail users:
As well as probably putting these circulars in the Promotions inbox folder (rather than the Primary folder), Gmail also 'clips' long emails, such as these circulars, and you need to select the 'View entire message' option to do just that.

'Roots and Shoots' on Exeter's community radio station Phonic FM www.phonic.fm
Listen on 106.8 FM and online on 1st, 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Mondays of the month 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Featuring the best in folk/roots music with a strong emphasis on local music - both live in the studio and recorded. News too of folk/roots events in Exeter and south and east Devon. We welcome contributions from musicians, singers and anyone involved with folk/roots/world music in and around Exeter. Most importantly, listen in, then get in touch to tell us your reactions and suggestions. Contact Roots and Shoots: Telephone 01837 871498 (Martin Henning), email m.henning@hotmail.co.uk.
A message from Adrian Bull
"I co-host the 'Roots and Shoots' radio show. I specialise in playing all things folk(ish) and am particularly keen to promote local artists and events/clubs. If you are a musician and would like me to play some of your music on the show, or even come on as a guest, then I would love to hear from you. I am also keen to have promoters, folk club organisers on the programme."

'Technical' Notes
1) I send copies of my circulars to several different email addresses of my own (Plusnet, Hotmail, Gmail) to help check that as many as possible are reaching their intended recipients. Last week the copy to my Plusnet address unusually finished up in my spam folder. Very occasionally a copy may disappear without trace. I have no idea why - the joys of email! Anyway, if you think you may be missing a copy at any time, you can always find the full open-ended southern Devon Folk Diary listings on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk, along with the most recent circular(s).
2) A chance communication with a recipient of these circulars has revealed that Gmail, as well as probably putting the circulars in the Promotions inbox folder (rather than the Primary folder), also 'clips' long emails, such as these circulars, and you need to select the 'View entire message' option to do just that.
The person in question had failed to see the 'Christmas events' section in Part because of the above clipping.

The following interesting item appeared in Steve Cunio's Somerset & Dorset Folk Events Diary email today - Have any Harberton Folk recipients experienced this issue yet?
"Do you use Gmail?
I've had a couple of emails from people asking why SaDFolk had started to send them Google Calendar invitations to events they had no interest in. I haven't changed anything here, but following a bit of searching round the Net, I found that Google had made this 'improvement' to their service.
If you have a Gmail account and a Google Calendar account and any email you receive contains something which Google interprets as an event you might want to go to, it automatically adds the invitation to your calendar and sends you an email about it.
To turn this off, you need log into your Google Calendar then click on the gear wheel icon in the top right, select ‘settings’ then look for ‘Events in Gmail’. Under that there should be a ‘Add automatically’ setting. Deselect that and the problem should go away."
Please let me know (by reply to this email) if you as a Harberton Folk recipient have experienced this issue. Thanks. JC

Folk Music Maps - for Devon and Beyond
Do you want a quick visual guide to folk song and dance clubs elsewhere in Devon? Try the map on www.flaxey-green.co.uk/Pages/Folk_song_and_dance_clubs_map.html. Or further afield? Another (global) folk music map is available at www.folkmusicmap.wordpress.com (could do with a little udpating in places).

Folklore & Mythology Resource Guide
I've added the following link www.supersummary.com/folklore-mythology-guide (Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide) to the Links page page on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk.

Devon Sessions Map on Flaxey Green
A useful map showing many of the regular pub sessions happening in Devon can be found at www.flaxey-green.co.uk/Pages/Sessions_map.html. This is not necessarily exhaustive and, as I know from my own earlier experience, notoriously difficult to keep up to date so do please take a look and let FG's Trevor know of any changes, additions etc.

Folk Club Map
"This could be a really useful resource but it will rely on a community effort to keep it up to date. Have a look at: www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zV_JF5o4YYCs.k5CBvD6DMEsI and, if your club or session isn't there, why not add it?"
[An interesting item gleaned from Steve Cunio's latest 'Sadfolk' (Somerset & Dorset Folk) email circular - see www.sadfolk.co.uk to sign up. I'll be adding the Folk Club Map link to the Links page on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk.]

Interesting history of folk sessions in Totnes (from the 1980s to date)
I'm not sure how long it's been there - I've only just happened on it - but a history of folk sessions in various Totnes pubs, compiled by Mick Bramich (with input from others), can be found at www.flaxey-green.co.uk/Pages/Session_History.html.

A few notes about these listings - what gets listed, what doesn't... etc.
The listings primarily include 'folk' events, mostly of a concert nature, also folk club guest nights, folk workshops, ceilidhs / barn dances etc.
'Folk' of course means many things to many people so that's partly why I also include limited coverage of some Americana, blues and other acoustic music events, but also partly because there are dedicated people/venues in the area putting on top-class performers in these fields - and they take the trouble to send me information. (The 'other musics' will generally have shorter entries and fewer repeats.)
My preferred length for entries is 50-75 words, 100 words max. This length restriction, combined with a 'selection of events only', means that the overall length of each e-circular does not become excessive (and unduly sleep-inducing!). The full open-ended Diary is always available on www.harbertonfolk.co.uk.
If you're submitting stuff to me for inclusion, why not give a web link to online music samples? Most performers have them these days. And there's then a chance the reader will take a listen, perhaps like what they hear, and maybe even come to a gig they wouldn't have otherwise considered!
I don't include information about regular informal pub folk sessions or folk (social) dance club material - these areas are well covered by www.flaxey-green.co.uk and www.devonfolk.co.uk. - but I will list details of new sessions, for example.
The general distance qualifier has always been 'within 30 miles as the crow flies from Totnes' (covers a surprisingly wide range), although this does get stretched a little sometimes for items of potential wider South-West interest.
The e-circulars are sent to approx. 1400 folk-specific contacts (no telling of course how many fail to arrive for whatever reason, although I do my best to maintain the email list - several repeated rejections from the same address will result in that address being deleted)  The great majority of those contacts are within the above coverage area.
And please don't be offended if I occasionally forget - or even refuse - to include an item.
Keep enjoying the live music! - John Culf

An 'interesting' email problem
Those of you who read my recent notes about the various problems I experience when sending these e-circulars may be interested/amused to see a (new) rejection message received from a recipient at a local educational establishment. I have highlighted the offending word in bold/red and added spaces so it's not rejected again. This word appeared in the item about Hayseed Dixie:
Microsoft Antigen for Exchange found a message matching a filter. The message is currently Identified.
Message: "hf21_30 080226"
Filter name: "KEYWORD= racial discrimination: h i l l b i l l y"
Sent from: "John Culf"