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This page (added 28/3/05) contains random web links relating to Harberton found e.g. during random Google searches on 'Harberton', with date found, some of which may ultimately result in new sections on this website (time alone will tell). The fluid nature of the internet means that any of these links could cease to function at any time, so don't tell us about this. We'll check them out from time to time and remove dead ones. Links found prior to 28/3/05 have no accession date. Some of the references are buried deep and you may need to use your browser's Find function (e.g. Ctrl + F in Internet Explorer) once the page is fully open to locate them.

[ 6/12/21] Search 'Harberton' yields 15 various results


[6/12/21] Harberton Parish Records - TURPIN [1861-1641]

[18/7/20] 156 (at date of listing) of the graves in St Andrew's churchyard, Harberton [update 23/3/22: number listed now 162]

[28/9/15] More on the history of the two SS Harbertons (and an SS Harbourne, and an SS Harborne) - owned and run by former shipping company J & C Harrison.

[3/8/15 - may be time-limited] An Amazon video advert featuring three Harberton residents, but referring to Harbertonford, or 'Habertonford' as Amazon's title reads.

[25/11/07] More about old SS Harberton(s)

[17/7/06] Local artist Steve Pratt's work

[17/7/06] Links to "1901-58: log and punishment book" and "1883-1964: log book, registers and stock accounts" for Harberton Church of England School from national Register of Archives referring to Devon Record Office

[12/7/06] Leonard Elmhirst (Dartington Hall owner) was elected as a county councillor for the Harberton Electoral Division in 1937. If you use the Search facility on this page, enter 'harberton' under Any Text, and look at the 'Survey of Devon Village Schools' you will see reference to an inspection of Harberton School 1928/1929.

[17/7/06] Dangerous Records, Sandwell

[12/7/06] Sandwell Barns

[16/10/05] Book by Harberton resident Ken Streat

[16/9/05] A River Dart ghost story

[27/3/05] Mixed media mosaic classes

Older links [340K PDF file] Relates to skip traffic operation at Dundridge Yard 2003

G-AVLY crash landed near Tristford Reservoir Harberton air crash 25 July 1997, linking to Harberton air crash 25 July 1997

Harberton String Quartet Harberton String Quartet, Mount Vernon USA [contact subsequently established with Gaye Davis, member of the Quartet who was unaware of Harberton, Devon, saying "the name came from three names of original quartet members Harrell, Bergeron, and Payton"] Lost 'Harberton Theatre' in Ireland Neolithic site at Hazard Hill - new Harberton website page to follow Harberton Victoria Cross holder Francis Edward Henry Farquharson 1858 Collier Harberton built 1894 Harberton sunk 1917 [huge page, slow to load, many graphics] SS Harberton, built 1930, picture and text - new Harberton website page to follow, giving more background, although shipping company's choice of name may have been pretty random.
Further pages relating to SS Harberton's WWII activities: SS Harberton picks up crewmembers from torpedoed convoy ship 1941 in OB 288 Convoy HX 29 21/3/40-4/4/40 Convoy HX 58 15/7/40-31/7/40 Convoy HX 76 26/9/40-10/10/40 Convoy HX 92 29/11/40-12/12/40 Convoy OB288 18/2/41-22/2/41 Convoy HX 117 27/3/41-15/4/41 Convoy HX 131 6/6/41-23/6/41 Convoy SL.84 5/8/41-28/8/41 Convoy OS.16 5/1/42-23/1/42 Convoy SL.101 21/2/42-15/3/42 Convoy SC 135 27/6/43-11/7/43 Convoy SC 141 3/9/43-17/9/43 Convoy OS.83/KMS.57 12/7/44-3/8/44 Convoy OS.89/KMS.63 4/9/44-20/9/44 Convoy OS.97/KMS.71 3/12/44-7/12/44 Convoy OS.106/KMS.80 22/1/45-25/1/45 Harberton resident Harry E Joy drowned at sea 1904