Harberton Heating Oil Scheme


Unfortunately, as of the latter half of 2020 the scheme described at the foot of this page (in general terms) is not currently functioning because the lady organising the group deliveries is unwell and not able to deal with enquiries.

In the meantime, you can call Watsons in Totnes directly on 01803 862950 for a quote (without the group discount) or to place an order.

Alternatively, you could call other local heating oil suppliers, or check out Boilerjuice at www.boilerjuice.com, where you can get an instant online quote. Read also about their grouped deliveries in local postcode areas.
If you do order, go for the standard tanker (assuming a normal vehicle can get to you OK) and standard delivery, which in our experience is usually made within a few days of ordering. No need to go for anything quicker unless you’re really desperate. Minimum order quantity is 500 litres.
And if you do order, I believe that if you quote my name 'John Culf' when ordering you will get a £10 discount off your first order (I think would also get a referral credit, but as these are only valid for 3 months I'm unlikely to use them - so I'm not doing this for 'profit' motives.

A general idea of national average oil prices can be seen in graphical presentations at www.boilerjuice.com/heating-oil-prices-england for various periods ranging from the past 1 week to the past 4 years.

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This community-minded action is organised by ******** ****** and has been running since at least 2002. It applies if you live in or within a few miles of Harberton (near Totnes, in South Devon), e.g. some Rattery and Dartington residents are now members.

******** has taken advantage of a scheme offered by Watson Petroleum in Totnes whereby she places an order on behalf of a group (any number) of Harberton and nearby residents who all wish / are able to receive a heating oil delivery on the same date. The minimum quantity delivered is normally 500 litres (about 110 gallons).

Because of the large quantity delivered to a small area on the same date, these deliveries are made at a discounted price.

******** organises bulk deliveries at regular intervals. If you are interested in joining the scheme, please call her on ***** ****** for further information (and quote the Harberton Village Website).