Harberton's Local Names


This page will list various local names - mainly for places in the area - perhaps old names long since forgotten by many, but which crop up from time to time in historical records, Parish Council minutes and other sources. Please Contact Us if you can add any new and relevant information to this page.

Copperthorne/Coppithorne - Area where Tristford Reservoir is now located, on hilltop N of the village, formerly a rubbish tip on opposite side of lane, marked on some old maps as a 'hazardous' area.
Dry Bridge - Bridge on lane just before Bridge Farm on 'main' road out of Harberton up towards the Totnes - Kingsbridge Road, so called because no water passes beneath it.
Shop Hill - Appears to be the same as Fore Street, i.e. the 'main' road up to the Church House Inn.