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Harberton Postboxes

There are five postboxes within the Harberton village website area: (from east to west).
All collection times are now standardised as given below.

Location Latest collection time Monday to Friday Saturday collection time
Outside Dundridge 9.00am 7.00am
Outside St Andrew's Church 9.00am 7.00am
Outside 'The Manor' 9.00am 7.00am
Outside 'The Old Forge', Leigh Hill 9.00am 7.00am
Old Hazard 9.00am 7.00am

Later collection times apply at Harbertonford Post Office (4.00pm) and outside Totnes Delivery Office (6.15pm) on the Southern Industrial Estate.

Postboxes bear the monogram of the monarch during whose reign they were installed.

Dundridge Outside Church Outside The Manor Old Forge, Leigh Hill Old Hazard
(King George V
(Queen Elizabeth II
The Manor
(King Edward VII
Leigh Hill
(Queen Victoria
Old Hazard
(Queen Elizabeth II

Postboxes - A Briefest History

Part of our landscape is the bright red Royal Mail postbox. The first postbox was installed in 1852 in St Peter Port, Guernsey, (or was it Jersey?) by the novelist Anthony Trollope, then a surveyor's clerk. The first mainland box was at Bishops Caundle in Dorset, dated 1853. By 1900 there were 32,593 pillar boxes in the United Kingdom.

All boxes carry the royal insignia and on the accession of a new monarch the old boxes and insignia are retained (except Edward VIII's had their doors replaced with those bearing the cipher of George VI).