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For any occasions when you need a raised level, e.g. for performers, we have an excellent system of stage blocks available (for internal use in the Hall only) for an extra charge.

A member of the Hall staff will be present to supervise assembly and disassembly of the staging at the start and end of the hiring period. The hirer should ensure that at least two people capable of lifting and carrying a reasonable weight are present to perform assembly and disassembly.

felstag1.jpg (23892 bytes)The staging, produced by Felix Design of Tiverton, is a flexible system which allows various configuration options, with regard to both height and area covered. Basically, four "leg" pieces slot together in a square shape to form a base, and a carpeted top (3 feet x 3 feet) is placed over the base to form a strong unit. By using special connector blocks, two (or conceivably more) bases can be stacked to give units of variable height. The basic base heights are 9 inches or 18 inches.

felstag2.jpg (52543 bytes)The finished units bolt together simply to form a strong and stable structure, as illustrated by the "Kabudu" dance troupe performing in the above picture. The picture at right shows individual constructed units ready for assembly as a stage.
As an example: For seated concerts held end-on in the Hall, a stage 6 units wide by 3 units deep (i.e. 18 feet x 9 feet) at a height of 27 inches could be used.

Total units available:
41 3'x3' carpeted top units
30 sets of 18" high leg units
30 sets of 9" high leg units
30 sets of 4 connector blocks

11 units are required to extend one row of blocks right across the Hall).

Five step units for use at the 18-inch height are also available, as are several sections of side railing, and a number of front decor panels to hide the base structure (only for 18-inch height). Curtain units are available to mask the legs at 27 inches.