Minutes of Harberton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 13 March 2012 at Harbertonford Primary School at 7.30pm

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Present. Cllrs. Hockings, Broom, Hoddinott, Williams, Janes, Clayton, Trott, Padfield, Camp, Beamish & D. Cllr. Steer.

Apologies. C.Cllr. Black.

Public 6.

Clerk. Mrs. D.Crann.

Also present Mr. S. Hockings.

The Chairman opened the meeting and invited the members of the public to speak. Mr. I Phillips of Harbertonford spoke. He referred to the lack of policy shown by SHDC regarding the proposed Wind Turbines at Luscombe Cross, Harbertonford. He was very concerned at the proposed offer of £9,200. p.a. from Tresoc/Infinergy to the Parish as it would appear to be a bribe to Councillors to approve the plans. Cllr. Padfield then spoke. He pointed out that this was standard Government policy and paid by sustainable energy providers to their local communities throughout the country. After further discussions between the members of the public the Chairman assured them that as soon as the Parish Council had any definite plans available there would be a public meeting in Harbertonford for further discussions with local residents and developers. At present Councillors must keep an open mind. The members of the public then left the meeting.

Following the advertising of the Vacancy for a Councillor Mr. Steve Hockings had put his name forward to be co-opted and was the only applicant. Cllr. Broom then took the Chair as the Chairman declared an interest and took no part in this item.

Mr. Steve Hockings’ letter of application was then read out to then meeting. It was proposed by Cllr. Williams, seconded by Cllr. Beamish to co-opt him. All in favour.  Cllr. Steve Hockings then completed his form of “Declaration of Acceptance of Office & Undertaking to observe the authority’s Code of Conduct” and took his seat at the meeting.

Cllr. J. Hockings resumed his position as Chairman of the meeting.

D.Cllr. Steer then gave his report. SHDC had been very busy coming to terms with, and understanding, the Localism Act which, although now law in April, would take some time to fully comprehend. Parishes would need to take more concern with their responsibilities in future. The Daisy Hills planning application had now been refused.

The Wind Turbines and Solar Panels were now going to occupy Councillors greatly.

There were no reports from C.Cllr. Black or PC. Addelsee.

The minutes of the previous meeting were then considered and after one amendment, were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

Following C.Cllr. Black’s report last month that the A381 was to have some improvement works carried out through Harbertonford, Cllr. Padfield requested the Parish Council should be consulted before the contracts were signed.

Matters Arising.

1. Devon Active Villages. Cllr. Clayton reported there had been more referrals to Tone Leisure the organisers.

2. Proposed Bottle Bank in Harbertonford Carpark. Both the Clerk and Cllr. Broom had spoken with Ruth Edwards of SHDC and it would be hoped the kerbs will be installed at the base of the wall on 16.3.12.  Cllr. Broom will notify the residents who park their cars in the carpark.

3. The request for 30mph speed limit to be extended to North Park Corner. DCC replied they were not in a position to carry out this work owing to current regulations and lack of dwellings along this stretch of road.

4. Snow Wardens. Cllr. Hockings had now assembled several volunteers in Harberton, but there were not enough volunteers in Harbertonford. Next autumn this will be advertised again.

5. The site meeting with Environment Agency at the notice board opposite the Post Office in Harbertonford took place and the Clerk is  awaiting a decision from the EA as to whether they were able to carry out the repairs.

6. HPFA. Cllr. Williams reported there had been a community Tidy Up at the Playing Fields and the brambles had now all been cleared away.

7. Dog Fouling in Harbertonford. The Clerk had received new Dog Control Orders which SHDC were studying. The SHDC Dog Warden was now Malcolm Orchard.   The Clerk had been in touch with SHDC about several instances 0f dog fouling down Woodland Road and Woodcourt Road,  Harbertonford also where dog fouling had occurred.

8. Cllr Padfield spoke about a lack of a Tree Warden in Harbertonford. There had been several trees chopped and cut down in the village recently. Councillors agreed to advertise for a volunteer Tree Warden in Harbertonford.

Planning.  Parish Council recommendations.

23/0312/12/F – Rock Cottage, Harberton. Alterations to dwelling. No objections proposed by Cllr. Broom, seconded by Cllr. Trott All in favour.

23/0479/12/CLE – Bridge Farm, Harberton. “Confirmation of use as a single dwelling” . It was proposed by Cllr. Broom, seconded by Cllr. Williams, to confirm that this had been a dwelling for two families for at least the past 4 years.  All in favour.

23/0205/12/CLE – Hill Mill Nurseries, Harberton. Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use for buildings, access drive etc.  use of land for plant growing, nursery and landscaping and construction business, in excess of the last ten years.  It was proposed by Cllr. Camp, seconded by Cllr. Clayton that the details enclosed in the letter to Harberton Parish Council and map printed off Internet should be more specific as to the areas indicated for construction materials. The application should specify STORAGE of construction materials only. The areas for propagation and growing on of nursery plants should be marked before any opinion can be offered. All in favour.


1. Invoice from Andrew Hockings. Ref. Clerk’s computer. £155.- to be paid. Proposed by Cllr. Clayton, seconded by Cllr. Janes, All in favour.

2. Invoices for room hire 2011/12 to be paid.  Harbertonford Primary School  £36.26    Also  Harberton Parish Hall  £30.- Proposed by Cllr.Beamish, seconded by Cllr. Williams, All in favour.

3. Freedom to Pray. Communities and Local Govt. Letter from Eric Pickles MP. Also NALC Legal Briefing passed around   the meeting.

4. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee June 2-5 weekend. Plans were in hand for a party in Harberton, Photograph and Pantomime. All details to be announced.

5. Email received with details of National Bus Passes for March 2013. This was passed around the meeting.

6. Grasscutting at Harbertonford Green. A quote has been received from John Horswill @ £36.- per cut. It was proposed by Cllr. Broom, seconded by Cllr. Clayton to accept this. All in favour.

7. Email received from Jane Hutchinson Re repairs to Harbertonford play equipment to refix the Rocker Squirrel costing £50.70 + VAT. SHDC will carry out these repairs at the expense of the Parish Council who will be reimbursed by HFPFA. Proposed by Cllr. Hoddinott, seconded by Cllr.Janes All in favour.

8 Ref. Extension of 30mph. Speed Limit to North Park Corner through Harbertonford on A381. DCC  replied that this would not be possible due to there being no properties along this stretch of road. Also Sat. Nav. Problems along Hernaford Road will be addressed.

9. A Letter from HSSG re Villages in Action was then read out. The Parish Council certainly offer their support in the hope that SHDC will provide some funding for this service.

10. The Parish Council agree with  and will support the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan in the Parish. It was agreed that Cllrs. Padfield and Broom will get this under way and are looking for any volunteers.  There will be  separate extraordinary meetings arranged.
Also to be revisited will be the subject of Affordable Housing in Harbertonford from the Land Society with their meeting in Harbertonford Village Hall on Monday 19th March.

11.Harbourne Shuttle. The subject of a grant towards repairs to the vehicle costing some £900.- was discussed and with a new vehicle costing upwards of £40,000.- this option was ruled out. After discussions, Councillors agreed to rethink their policy of reserving funds towards a new vehicle. It was proposed by Cllr. Williams, seconded by Cllr Trott to adopt this. All in favour.   It was now proposed by Cllr. Janes, seconded by Cllr. Williams to grant £400.- from the reserves towards these repairs. All in favour.

Annual Grants.

This year an annual grant in favour of the CAB was the only one. Proposed by Cllr. Williams, Seconded by Cllr. Broom of £75.- All in favour.

Matters at the Discretion of the Chairman.

1. Cllr. Trott  asked about the ploughing at the base of the road hedges in the lanes. This had been discontinued by DCC some 6-7 years ago because of cost.

2. Cllr. Beamish wished to draw the attention of residents near Ford Farm, Harberton to the badly parked vans opposite to this property.
He also requested that there be bins provided for the bags of dog faeces down Woodland Road at Harbertonford.

3. Cllr. Hoddinott reported the White lines needed repainting on exit from Harberton at Broad Park Stile to Ford Barn Cross, also on A381 near Brockhills, Harbertonford.

Cheques signed.       Between meetings.

No 543.    Mr. C. Finch                                £500.-

Cheques signed at meeting.

No 544     Mrs. D.Crann.                              £738.06

No.545     Harberton Parish Hall                    £30.-

No.546     Devon County Council                   £36.

No  547    Andrew Hockings                          £155.-

No 548    Harbourne Community Services.      £400.-

No.549     CAB                                             £75.-

d/d           Plus net.                                       £9.99

The meeting closed at 10.25.pm. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th April 2012 at 7.30.pm. at Harbertonford Primary School.