Harberton Village Website, South Devon


Harberton Church Community Fund (HCCF)

Charity Number 1172549 (see charity details here), set up in April 2017.

Residents of Harberton, including members of the congregation, are currently working together to establish a programme of works to ensure both the upkeep of St Andrew's and to enable this beautiful building in the midst of our community to be used by more of us, and for a greater variety of activities (not just religious).

Huge amounts of money will be needed to ensure this work is able to go ahead and we organise events to raise funds, have fun, and meet each other. We write regular updates on what is going on see below. And we encourage people to make donations whenever they can, either in single amounts or, more regularly by joining the Friends of St Andrews scheme.

Keep an eye on this website for such dates and other news. We are also working on delivering a dedicated website for this community work.

Click on the following to view/download the very informative updates (PDF or JPG files) produced by HCCF:

Update 7 - December 2018 (pdf)
Interim update - (Parish News) September 2018 (pdf)
Launch Lunch Flyer for 18 August 2018, Tick Tock Appeal
Update 6 - July 2018 (pdf)
Interim update - April 2018 (pdf)
Update 5 - January 2018 (jpg)
Update 4 - October 2017 (pdf)
Update 3 - August 2017 (pdf)
Update 2 - Summer 2017 (pdf)
Update 1 - April 2017 (pdf)

Fundraising Group members: Celia Atherton, Revd David Sayle, Alicia Stolliday, Alex Williams, Chris Whittaker, Sue Mahon, Annie Williams, Bruce Nicoll and Heather Sayle
Click the following link to email them: Harberton Church Community Fund