Tom Widger

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Tom Widger was born at Woodland Cottage, Cornworthy on November 13th 1901, the son of George and Annie Widger. He was actually christened Reginald Tom (not Thomas), but was always known as Tom.

He was one of 5 brothers and three sisters, and as far as is known all have now passed away with the exception of Tom's sister Alice who is older than he is, and was last known to be living in Essex.

Tom moved to Harberton with his family when he was five years old, and attended the village school until he was twelve, then went to work on a farm at Great Englebourne. He was a member of Harberton football team in his youth and an avid darts, snooker and billiards player, and liked nothing more than a few pints of cider and a game of cards in the local pub.

He worked on many farms in and around Harberton, including Simmonds Farm, Rock Farm, Sandwell and West Leigh where he met his wife Phyllis whom he married in 1936. They have a son and daughter.

Tom and Phyllis pictured at his 90th birthday celebration at the Church House Inn in Harberton in 1991

After leaving Sandwell he worked for many years on the council, and then worked for Mr Ray Rose at Tristford Farm until he retired at the age of 84. Both Tom and Mr Rose were well known figures around the fields of Harberton, Mr Rose driving the tractor and Tom standing in the Link Box behind. Many happy hours were spent in one anotherís company driving around the fields of Tristford Farm checking on the cattle and sheep.

Tom and his wife lived at 7 Tristford Road Harberton until ill health forced them to move into a Residential Home in Totnes. Tom was very well cared for at Redlands Nursing Home in Totnes until his death on 31st January 2002. He used to keep the residents entertained with his singing, his favourite song being Grandfather's Clock. Phyllis has since also passed away.

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