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COVID 19 / Coronavirus Community Information & Support

Please call 07961 893527 to offer your help as a volunteer or to request help
Or send an email to harbertonhelps@gmail.com.

Parish Councillors and the Clerk are joining with other members of the community that would like to support those members of the parish in the “most at risk” category – those least able to manage the situation by themselves, and do not have family that are able to help.  This group obviously includes those with limited mobility or who are required to follow the Government’s recommendations to self isolate. The principal practical issues to address involve us collectively ensuring that people in this group are assisted with the collection of basic provisions, over the counter medicines and GP’s prescriptions.

We are also aware that it is likely that there will be members of the community who contract the virus and will require help whilst they self-isolate.

With this in mind we would very much like to hear from any volunteers within the parish who feel they are able to assist with this activity and who could help form a village help-hub for Harberton and/or join the already established support group in Harbertonford. If we have enough volunteers we can avoid any unduly onerous burden being placed upon the few.

We will need people who are willing to:

We obviously would like to be as efficient as possible and avoid duplication of valuable effort so once we have identified a group of volunteers we would hope to be able to provide a practical people and area rota. We are also currently investigating the feasibly of creating a centralised capability to orchestrate this.

Lastly, of course in order to achieve a good outcome it will require all of us to be as pro-active as possible in ensuring that our neighbours, friends and family receive as much support as possible when and where needed.  Support can be as simple as keeping in touch on a regular basis, or running essential errands they are not able to do and making sure that if they become ill, help is provided where possible.

Please remember to keep a safe distance, avoid close contact, and wash hands frequently and after touching surfaces outside of your home and before touching your face or eyes.