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Asian Hornet Identification

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Local Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) Meeting at the Church House Inn on Saturday 19th January 2019

"We would like to thank the Church House Inn for allowing a small group of beekeepers to have an informal meeting around a table near the fire on Saturday afternoon to discuss the setting up of an Asian Hornet contact network in the South Hams. There was a positive outcome with three beekeepers agreeing to be representatives for the Totnes and Kingsbridge Beekeepers Association at an Asian Hornet training day and twelve people have agreed to be contacts to verify any local Asian Hornet sightings this year.
An Asian Hornet identification sheet with contact numbers for any sightings is posted in the new Harberton bus shelter. So, please familiarise yourself with the differences between the Asian Hornet and our native European Hornet.
Jill & Ken Beagley"

The identification sheet is now included below and can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.